About us

Relocation is not only about documents that we need to prepare and submit at the respective offices. At Fajbee s. r. o. we believe that this is foremost about people. It is not easy to move for business, work, studies or other purpose, and that’s why the main characteristics of our work is humanity and professionalism. We approach each client individually and take into consideration his/her time and financial implications. We believe that your relocation experience will be easier with us.

We will help you to arrange for:

  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment, business, studies, family reunion, special activities, etc.
  • permanent and longterm residence permit
  • certificate of Slovak living abroad
  • temporary residence permit renewal
  • change of the residence permit purpose
  • personal and business verified invitation for the purpose of Schengen visa
  • granting and renewal of blue card
  • work permit and informational card
  • and much more